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How to Use Video Interviewing For Hiring in Education - Spark Hire

How to Use Video Interviewing For Hiring in Education - Spark HireWhen video interviewing welches first introduced, it wasnt viewed as a widely-accessible tool. However, now businesses of all sizes incorporate this technology into their hiring process.In fact, whether youre selling goods directly to clients, building new technology, or working at an educational institution, video interviewing can streamline hiring. Video interviewing makes the overall process more pleasant for you and candidates.Here are some of the perks educators in particular enjoy when they use video interviewing technologyIt allows you to quickly vet candidates.When youre looking to bring a new teacher or administrator into a school, you want someone with the right experience and background, and a certain personality. You need to know this individual will mesh with the existing school community.Video interviewing software allows you to quickly vet applicants. You have the ability to sort through the video interv iews at a time thats convenient for you. If its quickly clear an applicant isnt a good fit, you move on to the next candidate.Then you can bring in the fruchtwein qualified, appropriate candidates for further conversation. This ultimately cuts down on job turnover. You can feel certain youre hiring an educator who is a good fit for your school and will stay longer than one school year.Want to hire quicker? Use video interviewing to vet candidates. hiring educationClick To TweetIt expands your reach.There are a lot of requirements included in the hiring processor schools. You may find that your immediate area has a limited pool of candidates. If youve exhausted those options, open spots become nearly impossible to fill.Video interviewing allows you to expand your reach. Interested professionals from all over the country even the world can submit their materials.Best of all, you dont need to foot the bill to fly these people in for a conversation. Once youve watched their video inte rview and are certain its worth pursuing a more in-depth discussion, you can meet in person. This saves money while ensuring youre truly getting the most qualified professionals each time you conduct a job search.It enables more team members to weigh in.Many educators value the panel-style interview. Having colleagues weigh in makes the final decision easier. However, due to different schedules, a panel-style interview isnt always feasible.Teachers have classes at different times. Plus there are after-school activities, since many educators do ersatzdarsteller duty as coaches or volunteers. Video interviewing allows multiple members of your school to give feedback, even if there isnt a way to get in the same room at the same time.Once candidates record their responses, everyone can watch these replies at a time that works for them. One person may do this during a lunch break, while another watches at 8 p.m., and a third team member checks them out during their 10 a.m. free period. D espite these scheduling differences, everyone on the hiring team gets to voice their opinion and thoughts before a final choice is made. Making this change truly helps you get your hiring team to work better together.Getting your entire hiring team on the same page with video interviews.Click To TweetIt moves the process along.Its no secret the hiring process can drag on for weeks or even months, regardless of the industry. This frustrates everyone involved. Studies have even shown that a lengthy hiring process can cause top-tier talent to lose interest and go elsewhere. A 2016 survey by Robert Half found that 39 percent of more than 1,000 U.S. workers surveyed would lose interest in a job opportunity and pursue other roles if the hiring process was too long.Fortunately, video interviewing eliminates these concerns by streamlining the process. It enables hiring managers to make a decision quickly. Theres no longer a need to sync up schedules and devote hours to each candidate. A fas t-moving hiring process is especially important for a school, where being short-staffed has a direct impact on students.Video interviewing technology makes hiring faster, while widening the talent pool. This makes the process more efficient. Also, it ultimately reduces job turnover and improves the school community as a whole.Can you think of any other ways video interviewing can help in the educational hiring process? Let us know in the comments below

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How Healthcare Economics Could Impact 2013 Healthcare Staffing

How Healthcare Economics Could Impact 2013 Healthcare StaffingHow Healthcare Economics Could Impact 2013 Healthcare StaffingHow Healthcare Economics Could Impact 2013 Healthcare Staffing Rossheim, Senior Contributing WriterHealthcare reform, our aging population, the economics of consolidation and other factors will determine the course of healthcare staffing in the foreseeable future.Here are seven trends that will impact healthcare economics and decide where recruiters in this industry will find success in 2013.Labor Demand ACA Shifts into High GearDemand in various healthcare occupations is expected to rise sharply this year, as stakeholders prepare to meet various Affordable Care Act(ACA) deadlines, including the January 1st, 2014 requirement that insurers cover everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions.Employers are putting the pieces in place to hire for next year, says Gerrit Salinas, director of medical staffing at Snelling Staffing Services in Dallas.Theres going to be a massive push to ramp up staffing to meet demand. The problem is, theyre all going to be trying to hire at the same time.Supply Ample New Grads, Few Experienced CliniciansAt the same time, with enrollment in clinical and allied health training programs increasing, recruiters are working with a wider pipeline of educated professionals, though many active candidates have little experience.With schools putting out more and more clinical grads each day, hospitals can be much more selective in their hiring, says Scott Agostini, director of human resources at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia.Experienced candidates are still hard to woo. Many veteran nurses and other in-demand health professionals arent open to a career move theyre either considering retirement or are resistant to switching employers during this period of profound change in the healthcare system.Accountable Care Creates New Economic IncentivesFrom an increased emphasis on primary care, to incentives to adopt healthcare information technology, the ACA includes many initiatives that rewards stakeholders who bring on the talent to meet quality and cost goals.For example, Hospitals have begun to hire entry-level workers whose sole job is to monitor patient safety, Agostini says. These workers provide wound care, improve patient safety, and perform monitoring activities to ensure higher quality of care which can, in turn, maximize reimbursement under healthcare reform.Orders for such workers wont be the most profitable for recruiters, but they can help an agency get a foot in the door.Medicaid Where Politics Meets EconomicsThe Federal government is funding a broad expansion of Medicaid on the state level, but only in those states that sign on and agree to pay up to 10 percent of the cost several years down the road.Although some governors are balking, Eventually the vast majority of states will come on board, but it may take a number of years, says Ani Turner, deputy director of the Altaru m Center for Sustainable Health Spending.Since Medicaid mainly covers non-elderly people with lower incomes, an increase in associated health services will boost employment in preventive-care roles.Fiscal Pressure on Providers May Limit Employment GrowthFiscal pressures from penalties for preventable hospital readmissions to economic motivations like economies of scale have CFOs at hospitals looking for every possible means of containing expenses, with medical staffingbeing chief among them.Facilities are consolidating and integrating and finding ways to take cost out of the systems, says Patrick Thompson, executive vice president of administration and CIO of home healthcare provider Amedisys in Baton Rouge, La.In the longer term, fiscal pressure will likely limit increases in healthcare jobs. There is a lot of concern about the future re belt-tightening and consolidation, says Turner. But were not yet seeing a slowdown in employment growth, even given potential payment cuts in th e future.Contingent Staffing for Times of Shifting Labor DemandContract, temporary and per diem staffing arrangements have been critical to the healthcare industry through this period of system change, as in previous decades. But to rein in current costs, many healthcare employers may be pulling back on contingent labor.Were seeing more opportunity to hire full-time and reduce contracting services, says Thompson. Amedisys reduced its use of contract workers by about one-third in 2012 by hiring full-time professionals whose jobs had been eliminated by merging institutions.Contingent workers will always have a role to play in healthcare, and that role continues to evolve.Once the terms of healthcare reform become more clear, the flexible staff may need to be cut back, says Agostini.Patient, Clinician Demographics Will Shape Future FinancesWhatever the course of healthcare reform, demographics will continue to be the overarching force shaping the industry economically.Although the lead ing age of the baby-boomer generation has begun retiring, the bulk of their healthcare costs will happen in the next 10 or 20 years.Youre not going to see the main cost effect of aging boomers right now, says Turner. People dont become really high-cost patients until age 75 or even 85.To cope with the eventuality of tens of millions of very old boomers requiring lots of care, and the likelihood of physician burnout,recruiters will likely look toa rapidly growing niche mid-level practitioners.To handle geriatric patients, the health system can respond much faster by adding physician assistants and nurse practitioners than by trying to train more geriatric physicians, says Charles Roehrig, director of the Altarum Institute.

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MOS 5803 Military Police Officer

MOS 5803 Military versicherungspolice OfficerMOS 5803 Military Police Officerseestreitmacht Corps Officers can be officers in military law enforcement as their primary military occupational specialty. After they commision either through the United States Naval Academy, Navy ROTC (Marine Option), Marine Officer Candidate School (OCS), they will attend the Marine Officer Training Program The Basic School (TBS).After TBS, Marine officers will ship off to the jobs (MOS) they were selected for at the end of TBS. Many will choose Infantry, Artillery, Logistics, though some will be selected for the law enforcement position, MOS 5803 Marine Police Officer. This MOS in the Marines is different than the Military Police (MP) jobs that enlisted Marines hold. This is the officer version of that group and is responsible for the supervision of the enlisted military police and other law enforcement members of the Marine Corps.Military police officers are the supervisors, coordinators, and admini strators of law enforcement members of the military team of enlisted and civilian law enforcement professionals. Military Police Officers provide vital support to their base commanders with all facets of law enforcement on or near the military post. Officers begin this MOS either on-base in supervisory and organizational roles, providing security and law enforcement, or on deployment, supervising maneuver and mobility operations and internment operations, as well as providing area security and law enforcement. In short, these Marine Officers lead their law enforcement team to secure the base and surrounding area to maintain safety and enforce the laws of the land. Typical Duties Military Police Officers manage detainee operations, advise foreign Security Forces and provide first responder aid. They also coordinate expeditionary forensic operationsand oversee certain investigations of crime scene investigators and other detectives. Their daily duties require managing law and orde r operations. They also have skill in theemployment and handling of military working dogs (MWD). Type of Officer Unrestricted Line Officer (URL) The URL is a commissioned officer (Second Lieutenant General) of the United States Navy and Marine Corps and qualified for command at sea of the USMC warfighting combatant units such as infantry units, aviation squadrons, RECON Units, and MarSOC teams. They are also qualified to command the higher echelons of those units, such as Divisions, Marine Force, and air wings and air divisions, and special operations groups. Type of MOS Primary Military Occupational Specialty Video Military Police Officer Responsibilities Rank Range LtCol to 2ndLt Training Marine Officers attend the Military Police Basic Officers Course in Fort Leonard Wood, MO which lasts 9 weeks. The mission of the Military Police Basic Officers Course isTo provide company grade Marine Officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties and responsibiliti es of a Military Police Officer MOS- 5803. Students will receive instruction and practical application in the following area anti-terrorism/force protection, police communications, policing, supporting establishment law enforcement, police advising and training, and law enforcement training.This course is designed to provide students with the training required to function as a Military Police Officer in the operating force and supporting establishment. The Marine Police Basic OfficersCourse focuses on training to function in the Marine Force and during peacetime and conflict. Students are highly trained in the following Military Police Operations Police Communications, Policing, Supporting Establishment Law Enforcement, Police Advising and Training, and Law Enforcement Training. Job Description and Requirements Job Description Military police officers function as supervisors, coordinators, and administrators of law enforcement matters. Job Requirements (1) This MOS will be assi gned to officers who have a background and/or education in law enforcement. (2) Complete the Military Police Officers Basic (MPOB) Course at the United States Army Military Police School (USAMPS), or six months On-the-Job Training (OJT) accompanied by a favorable recommendation from the commanding officer. Upon successful completion of 6 months of observed fitness report time in a Reserve Military Police (MP) billet, a favorable endorsement from a military police unit inspector/instructor, triole Reserve unrestricted officers may request 5803 designation via an Administrative Action form to CMC (POS). Duties For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to MCO 1510.86B, Individual Training Standards for the Military Police and Corrections Occupational Field 58. Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes (1) Police Chief 375.117-010. (2) Deputy Sheriff, Chief 377.167-010. Above information derived from MCBUL 1200, part 1

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The Surprising Benefits of Mentoring

The Surprising Benefits of Mentoring The Surprising Benefits of Mentoring Thinking about giving back or paying it forward as a mentor? There are likely benefits of mentoring you havent considered. Heres what Ive learned.If youve ever thought about mentoring, theres no time like the present to start the process. January is National Mentoring Month. For me, this month also marks the 10-year anniversary of my involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters.Hitting that milestone caused me to reflect on how much Ive gained from the experience - and how easily I could have missed out. While Ive been a mentor for quite awhile now, I welches a would-be mentor for almost as long. It took me years of talking about (and talking myself out of) joining a youth mentorship program before I finally mustered the courage to apply.Overcoming the But Im so busy barrierThe biggest hurdle for me was my schedule. Whenever the idea of volunteering as a mentor crept into my head, Id always go back to this ques tion Where will I find the time? I let busyness become a barrier to giving back.But one day - a particularly hectic day a year after I started freelancing - it finally dawned on me that my Im too busy excuse was just that an excuse. It was a lame, albeit convenient surface-level cover for my deeper worries What if the child and I didnt share anything in common? What if it turned out I was horrible with kids? What if I somehow let the child down? What if he didnt like me?I called myself out and immediately dialed up Big Brothers Big Sisters. Weeks later, I was introduced to a friendly 8-year-old boy. Little Bro and I spent our first meeting at a giant arcade, playing games and eating burgers and chocolate cake.All of my concerns quickly dissolved. We had things in common (an interest in Skee-Ball and oversized desserts, for instance). I liked him. He seemed to like me. Plus, I didnt lose him.During the belastung decade, Ive attended dozens of Little Bros games in various sports. We ve been to many movies and had wide-ranging talks over pepperoni pizza. Hes walloped me in every video game imaginable. But most important, our friendship - our brotherhood - has grown stronger and stronger.Big bro mentoring benefitsIt sounds clich, but I cant overstate the benefits of getting involved with mentoring. Taking on the responsibility helped prepare me for parenthood. But its also led to some valuable career-related revelations. For instance, being a Big Brother has taught me key lessons about work-life balance and time management. (You simply dont allow yourself to work late when theres a kid anxiously waiting to be picked up to go to Chuck E. Cheeses.)Little Bro has also made me think more deeply about my work, my priorities and how I spend my time. Early on, many of our discussions involved what he wanted to be when he grew up and what I actually did for a living. I learned quickly that writing and editing was elend as exciting as being a point guard or Popsicle sal esman. But frequently being asked about what I do and why I do it forced me to ask those same questions of myself. At times, his queries prompted me to pursue projects that were more meaningful, creative, or that would simply make for a good story.And then theres the pride factor of mentoring. That little kid is now an 18-year-old high school honors student and standout basketball player. Hes taller than me, operating a motor vehicle and headed to college next year to study athletic training. Hes idolized by my 7-year-old son and adored by my 3-year-old daughter.My relationship with Little Bro has continually made me realize how quickly time flies. My advice If youve ever considered volunteering to be a mentor - whether its with an organization that supports local youth or through your employer - do it today. Stop worrying about the what-ifs and jump in. Life isnt going to get any less busy or complicated. Make someday today.Playing even a very small part in someone elses growth a nd success is rewarding on so many levels. And its educational. You can rest assured that as much wisdom as you impart, your mentee will teach you more.SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG

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Software Engineer CV Example 2018s Top Sample

Software Engineer CV Example 2018s Top SampleSoftware Engineer CV Example - 2018s Top SampleCreate this Resume ObjectiveInnovative and brilliant software engineer with the following skills .NET, C, Java, SQL, ASP.NET. An expert in Microsoft Technologies with strong familiarity in software engineering concepts, my strength in these areas will be very helpful in developing software applications for the company.Personal Information fruchtmark Petersen2103 Del Dew DriveHyattsville, MD 20783(888)-135-2312m.petersensampleresume.netDate of Birth May 6, 1979Place of Birth MDCitizenship AmericanGender MaleProfile Summary Proficient in programming languages Microsoft technologies Knowledgeable in software engineering concepts and strategies Excellent communication skillsEducationBS in Computer Technology, 2007University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PAEmployment HistorySr. Software Engineer, 2007 PresentValhi, Inc., Dallas, TX Responsibilities Developed Microsoft .net web based applicatio ns. Evaluated and developed software solutions for the users need. Ensured that stored procedures have appropriate back-ups. Modified the accessible technologies to improve the performance in making the software. Conducted technical evaluation and reviews on distributed software.Jr. Software Engineer, 2006 2007ValleyCrest Companies, Calabasas, CA Responsibilities Designed parallel software applications using C++ and UNIX. Analyzed code consolidations before performing any software configuration. Modified existing applications and added the needed values per user requirement. Implemented the intranet program to speed up the companys operations. Developed web user interfaces.ResearchSoftware Configuration in Multi-Thread EnvironmentTraining/CertificationCISCO CertificationAwardN/AProfessional MembershipAssociation of Software EngineersSkillsStrong Familiarity with multiple hardware/software environmentsKnowledgeable relational database programmingExperienced in Microsoft .NET, C, J ava, SQL, ASP.NET Customize ResumeMore CV SamplesSalesman CV Science Teacher CV Secretary CV

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Thinking patterns and mental habit loops

Thinking patterns and mental habit loopsThinking patterns and mental habit loopsThe late historians Will and Ariel Durant spent fur decades of their life studying, compiling, and writing the history of Western civilization.The product of their efforts, The Story of Civilization, went on to fill fur million words, across 10,000 pages, divided into 11 separate books.After finishing the last one, they then took on an arguably more daunting task to summarize all they had learned into a 100 pages in The Lessons of History. Its an incomplete and generalizing attempt, no doubt, but it is also one of the most densely-packed sources of modern wisdom available to us.There are many trends and patterns to be found in the past, and the Durants do a commendable job of highlighting them. The essence of their view, however, can be summarized by the following sentence from their short bookThe only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character, the only real eman cipation is individual, and the only real revolutionists are philosophers and saints.In many ways, the Durants believed that despite all that has and continues to change in our external environment, the real battle is still internal, and real change isnt produced until we face our minds and our thoughts.There is a fair degree of nuance that needs to be accounted for with a statement like that, and it ties into larger questions of what progress is and how subjects relate to objects, but the fact that our thoughts - and their ability to change our minds - play a pivotal role in our experience of reality is self-evident in ways that are common-sense.How we think affects everything from our ability to solve problems to how we understand meaning and value and purpose. The Durants made it their lifes work to improve this ability in the average person by disseminating ingestaltation - mostly history and philosophy - in culture.But information alone doesnt make our thinking better we al so have to understand and update the way that the mind processes this information.A mind that is stuck in habit loopsBased on popular psychology literature, some thinkers have codified the way that we form habits into a simple loop a trigger, a routine, and a reward.We first see something in our environment that sets off the trigger the trigger leads to a routine we have internalized based on our past interactions in such an environment finally, a reward at the end reinforces said routine.If you observe this in your daily life, youll see that its roughly right. Our brain is a pattern-seeking survival machine, and habits are how it ensures that we dont always have to think too hard about what to do when familiar situations arise, letting us conserve energy.When it comes to the human mind, there are still no concrete theories of how thought emerges, but we know that it plays a pivotal role in facilitating how we interact with the information that the Durants, for example, were trying to impart on us. It has different forms and different shapes.In the same way that we form habits of action relating to our environment, we also form habits of thought when it comes how we think about the world.We are all born into a reality in which - at first, at least - we cant even distinguish between our own separateness from the world.With time, however, we start to recognize patterns around us, and we internalize these patterns - like we do habits - so that we can reuse them in the future. Usually, if a pattern persists in our mental habits, it means that it is valuable in some sense. But this is only the case if we apply that pattern to the right information.One of the reasons that its so hard to change our mind about things is that our brains are stuck in these mental habit loops, which only look at the information from a singular point of view. They have learned something in one context, and they mistakenly apply it to other ones, mixing up the triggers that lead to rou tine thoughts.We are all capable of overpowering these habit loops, of course, but its very easy and productive to always have them operating as the default mode.To think well, our job is to be aware of their limitations and leid to let them.Diversifying your thinking patternsEach of us face different challenges, at different times, in different ways, based both on our biology and our unique cultural upbringing.No two people think exactly the same way because no two people have lived exactly the same lives. We are all a product of the different thinking patterns that emerged as a result of our experience of interacting with reality.In fact, these different thinking patterns (mostly produced from our mental habit loops) are, in large part, what makes you, you me, me. The identity we each have is born from the convergence of all of these patterns. They create what we call our subjective experience.One of the things that the Durants are presumably getting to with their quote is that ev en though we have continued to see so much external change throughout history, it doesnt truly make a difference unless we calibrate our internal, subjective experience with that objective, external environment.Our subjective experience is limited and using it - and the thinking patterns that create it - as the baseline for understanding the world is a limited way to go through life, and it biases us in the wrong direction.At its core, a thinking pattern is an implicit rule of thumb for the way we connect the different aspects of the reality around us. Given the complexity of this reality, the more diverse our trained thinking patterns and the better refined the associated triggers, the more accurately we will be able to interact with the information around us.Because thinking patterns emerge from the mental habit loops we form as a response to experience, the only way to diversify them is to seek out new and conflicting encounters, whether that be through books, unfamiliar enviro nments, or even hypothetical thought-games.Outside of extreme external circumstances, any time we are struggling to solve some problem or lacking a sense of satisfaction and meaning, its due to the fact that the current thinking patterns that we are using to interact with reality are not adequately suited for the job.Instead, we have to remodel the form and the shape of these patterns so that they can better fit with the form and the shape of the issue at hand.The takeawayAt birth, we are born with our unique, innate biological machinery, but we dont come with complete knowledge of how to use it.As time goes on, however, bit by bit, things start to make more sense. We realize what food is good for us, we learn to avoid things that are painful, and we start to get attached to those who take care of us.With even more time, we develop fully concrete distinctions between the different objects around us and how we, as subjects, are to interact with them.What keeps this process going is o ur pattern-seeking brain. It forms both habits of action and habits of thought that it embeds into our conscious and subconscious memories to reduce cognitive load.One of the problems with this, however, is that its really easy for us to get stuck in mental habit loops that dont accurately assess the situation at hand, leading to both problems of comprehension and satisfaction.To counteract this, we have to be intentional in diversifying our thinking patterns. We have to learn to recognize when we are falling into a mismatched pattern of thought, and we have to then use that information to update how we make connections between the objects in our environment.To say that all issues can be solved with a shift in thinking patterns ignores the larger picture, but there is a truth to what the Durants learned from historyHow we think about what is happening around us is arguably more important than what is actually happening around us.Want to think and live smarter? Zat Rana publishes a f ree weekly newsletter for 30,000+ readers atDesign Luck.

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The Absolute Best System to Use for Smart Resumes Revealed

The Absolute Best System to Use for Smart Resumes Revealed What Everybody Dislikes About Smart Resumes and Why The work description is the key to success. Use a skills-basedstyle if youre just beginning or have limited experience. Writing a resume for employment in the art industry can be difficult. Notice how the example resumes are extremely specific when it has to do with technical skills. For that reason, it helps tremendously to make sure your general success. Whenever you wish to emphasize that youre ambitious, that you understand what you want in a career, or you have the skills for the particular job, you could benefit from a resume objective. When youre crafting your resume objective, you should concentrate on particular abilities and experiences which are directly associated with the job. Your jobs might be varied, your experience and abilities vast, and it can be hard getting it all on paper. Smart Resumes - the Story Therefore, our aim is to offer you the very best tools you should succeed. SMART goals arent just for business. With SMART targets, youre more inclined to attain your goal efficiently and effectively. A wish to become more studious may incorporate a note which you will study for a minumum of one hour every single day. Since you may see, theres a broad sortiment of freebies to select from. Click our sample to learn to compose the ideal transportation resume. Whats also cool about our hand-picked selection is the simple fact that numerous packages include bonuses like cover letters or company cards. The very first key is to realize how resumes are organized. One the other hand, if youve got a very long work history then you may also think about the chronological format as a choice. However, many resumes repeat the exact same information multiple times. Infographic-style resumes have gotten popular, and they may be effective when done well. Also, remember that theres a good opportunity you resume will be scanned ele ctronically as an increasing number of companies utilize special software to index resumes. One of the risks of a resume objective is that you are able to focus too much on what you would like in your career, and not enough on how youll add value to the organization. Regardless of what your job field might be, cashier job descriptions for your small business sector will list precisely the same group of desired qualifications utilizing precisely the same set of words and phrases. There are plenty of jobs out there within this exciting field. In the end, stating an objective is optional, but it might help convince employers that you understand what you want and know about the business. Unique kinds of work in the food tafelgeschirr industry require resumes with lots of the very same skills. Your industry resume must be totally perfect. The health care industry can be quite competitive. The truth is that hiring managers start looking for certain patterns, and you are going to b e better off if you take advantage of an organizational pattern thats both logical and simple to read. There are several ways to approach these kinds of resumes and the examples should help you to find a direction thats best for you. In a variety of ways, an objective replaces a lot of the detail you would place in your professional experience section. The absolute most efficient objective is one which is tailored to the job youre applying for. In truth, its not that hard as it might appear to be. You are aware that making a wonderful first impression is crucial. Understanding how to start can be the largest challenge and looking at examples can be quite useful. One of the chief reasons I dont set a whole lot of faith in resumes is as theyre implicitly biased and dont tell the entire story.